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From idea to execution, we empower youth to launch their solutions

Launch solutions to the world's complex challenges

Over the duration of 4 months, students go through the process of validating and building their solutions with the guidance of coaches from the local corporate and startup communities. For many of our students, the accelerator is the first step in their journey to building a future they want to live in.

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Accelerated learning and growth in preparation for the real world beyond school

The upGen Accelerator is designed to be an accelerated learning and personal growth journey for students who want to affect positive change in the real world. It combines technology and entrepreneurship education with social-emotional learning in order to prepare youth for the future.

Growth in self confidence and an understanding of capabilities that go beyond the traditional academic measurement of success

What can young people expect to get out of it?

Increased social capital by learning and working with equally passionate peers, and by interacting with senior coaches and mentors 

Access to the resources - people, tools and knowledge - they need to kickstart their innovative solutions (including after graduating from the program)

Our approach

Enabling youth to use technology responsibly, ethically and sustainably

This accelerator aims to build a new type of entrepreneur: one that uses technology responsibly, ethically and sustainably. As students build their Minimum Viable Product and get ready to take their solution to market, we embed the following principles into their learning journey:

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Data privacy and transparent use of data

Environmental, social, and psychological impacts of technology

Communiy resources

Connecting teams to a curated ecosystem of resources that scaffolds their success

This program gives young people the opportunity to discover the resources available to them in their local tech and social innovation ecosystems. These resources not only empower our young innovators to successfully build out their ideas; they set them up for success beyond school by helping them grow their personal networks.

Subject matter experts from leading organziations


Technical coaches

Physical accelerator HQ

Workshops in startup and corporate spaces

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Our students are currently tackling social challenges in retail, cybersecurity and healthcare

The 2020 cohort has officially concluded. Our students developing six social startups in the healthcare, cybersecurity and retail industries.

An AI mental health solution for teens that helps them track, understand and cope with their negative emotions



An AI-based web platform that allows users to submit and identify deep fake videos


A web platform that allows consumers to rent sustainable brands while educating them on how to transition awat from fast fashion


A desktop app that informs you of the privacy settings of all the services that you have subscribed to and allows you to control how your data is shared


A web platform that allows consumers to exchange clothes and reduce textile waste


An app that allows users to understand and protect how their data is being used online

Made possible this year thanks to our incredible community

Proud partners of the City of Montreal - Fier partenaire de la Ville de Montréal

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Lead Industry Partners

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Community Partners

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