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'Seasons of You',
our new journal


A transformative self-paced journey that blends Mother Nature's profound wisdom and Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Through expertly crafted guided reflections and engaging activities, this journal is a soul-nourishing companion that will empower you to explore the depths of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.


"The changing of the seasons is a reminder that everything is impermanent, that life is a constant cycle of birth and death, of growth and decay. We must learn to embrace change and to find beauty in all its forms." 

Joseph Boyden, Métis Nation

Who is 'Seasons of You' for?

You are in a

life transition...

It provides a structured framework for understanding your evolving selves amidst life transitions. It aids in coping with changes, nurturing self-esteem, and fostering a sense of direction during these formative years.

You want to engage in


You will find solace in the journal's ability to help you navigate complex emotions, stressors, and responsibilities. It encourages a pause for self-reflection, aiding in achieving clarity, resilience, and well-being amidst life's challenges.

You are looking for

work-life balance...

It provides you with a practical approach with insights to balance your career with personal growth. It assists in managing work-life harmony, enhancing emotional intelligence, and cultivating effective leadership and communication skills.

Follow the seasons...


Embark on a transformative self-paced journey with 'Seasons of You,' a unique journal that artfully blends Mother Nature's profound wisdom and Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Through expertly crafted guided reflections, engaging activities, affirmations and journaling, this soul-nourishing companion will empower you to explore the depths of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Each chapter offers:

Curated activities...

Guided reflections...

Affirmations and journaling...

How to approach the 'Seasons of You' journey?

Many Indigenous cultures in Turtle Island (North America) see seasons as renewing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets. Like Mother Nature, human beings have heart, mind, body, and soul seasons, short or long, but transient. Emotions and experiences shift, leading to new life phases. There is power in acknowledging and learning from them

This journal guides you through the four seasons, with each chapter drawing on the significance of the sacred number four in Indigenous cultures.

It embodies balance, unity, and our connection to nature and one another.

We encourage you to start with the seasons you feel you are in - or feel the need to be in - in the present moment. In fact, you may be in different seasons on the same day, depending on how you feel and what you may need to reflect on. Allow yourself to answer the prompts that resonate with you the most.

We hope that reflections in this journal will allow you to examine your thoughts, feelings and experiences and develop a deeper sense of self-compassion.


How was 'Seasons of You' created?

'Seasons of You' embodies the rich insights our team gained from extensive dialogues with Indigenous youth, educators, caregivers, and Elders across the Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia. Their profound teachings have given life to this journal, for which we express sincere gratitude and humbly recognize their shared wisdom.

Through this journal, we aim to honour these generous contributors by sharing the knowledge acquired and empowering all individuals to embrace their distinct brilliance, inner wisdom, and strength.

Our Learning Design team led the design process of Seasons of You:

  • Nicole Genereaux is a Métis woman born and raised on Treaty 6 Territory and Homeland of the Métis, Turtle Island (also known as North America). She currently lives in the small Northern community where she grew up.

  • Diana Mihaela Baranga was born in Romania and raised across five African and European countries. She immigrated to Tiohtià:ke (Montréal, Canada) in 2011 and is presently a guest on the traditional and unceded lands of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations.

While Nicole and Diana's lived experiences are very different, they share a common calling: to enable each human being to honour their unique genius, inner wisdom, and power. 

How much is it and what

is the size?

  • Only $39.99

  • Softcover, easy to carry

  • Size 7.44in x 9.69in / 19cm x 24cm

  • 196 pages

Last but not least...

By purchasing the journal, you actively contribute to our nonprofit mission! 

All the sales profits will be reinvested in our educational programs that serve communities across Canada.

Thank you for your support,

The UpstartED team, Board Members and volunteers.

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