Preparing youth to thrive as positive changemakers in a complex future 

We believe that everyone one of us makes an impact every day, big and small. However, very few people are intentional about this impact. This new decade's complex challenges have shown us that we need a collective effort if we hope to build a better world. It is why we created You(th) Explore.


You(th) Explore (YE) is a social innovation program that empowers youth between the ages of 12 to 18 to explore the impact they want to make in the world. The YE program is a blended, in-class experience that combines digital touch-points with hands-on, tactile activities that limit screen time. Our program is designed to have students interact with their immediate environment, peers, and the larger world around them. 



By participating in the You(th) Explore program, students will:


Develop self-awareness and social-emotional intelligence...

in order to thrive as responsible citizens and as co-creators and collaborators.


Situate themselves in a complex, rapidly-changing world...

and understand their ability and responsibility in making a positive social impact.


Think critically and creatively about the role of digital technology...

in making a social impact and building a better future for humanity.


Develop problem-solving skills and mindsets...

needed to solve complex social problems at the community, country and world scale. 


Journey workbooks

A tactile experience that activates students' creativity, critical thinking and sense of empathy

Video lessons

Self-paced learning through video lessons delivered by UpstartED's team


Analog tools (pens, post-its and other materials) to document, ideate and create 

Online workshops

Group-based, interactive sessions to apply key learnings and connect with peers


A tactile experience that drives the learning journey

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Workbook 1

Who am I?


Workbook 2

What impact do I want to make?

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Workbook 3

How do I get started making an impact?

Self-paced learning with the UpstartED leadership team

Students get to engage on a deeper level with the You(th) Explore program by watching our video lessons asynchronously, during class time or after school. The video lessons are delivered by UpstartED's leadership team and they guide students through the process of completing all the activities in the workbook.

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Program materials delivered directly into students' hands

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Throughout the course of the You(th) Explore program, students will receive three Explore boxes. Each box contains the relevant workbook and all the tactile materials that the student needs in order to engage with the activities for that module. 


Empowering educators

to deliver You(th) Explore inside the classroom

When COVID-19 hit, the world was reminded of the immense responsibility that educators have towards ensuring students' physical and mental wellbeing during the pandemic while also preparing them to thrive in a complex world. You(th) Explore was designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing curriculum with minimal work on the part of the teacher. It is why all program materials and activities are pre-packaged, and why we offer lesson plans to help teachers structure their class time. All of our You(th) Explore teachers work with a dedicated Program Success Advisor who provides support throughout the duration of the program.


Curriculum outline

Program overview with an outline of activities, video content and overall learning objectives

Lesson plans & assessment

Lesson plans for hands-on, group-based activities and ideas for summative assessment

Program orientation

Training on the You(th) Explore curriculum and guidance on how it fits into a teacher's course 

Success advisor

Dedicated advisor to help support program implementation over 9 weeks


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Made possible thanks to our community

Designed to serve under-resourced teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic, the You(th) Explore program is made possible thanks to the immense support shown by Blue Cross Québec, Google for Nonprofits, Shopify and SAP Canada. These organizations contribute a variety of resources to ensure that UpstartED's programs reach the youth and educators who need us most during these unprecedented times.

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Do you want to bring You(th) Explore to your school?

We run three cohorts during the year. Get in touch to learn how you can offer You(th) Explore to your students.