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We empower young people to build a better world, for themselves and for others.

We are a bilingual Canadian education nonprofit whose mission is to elevate the potential and personal agency of equity-seeking and at-risk children and youth so they can act as change-makers in their own lives and in the world. We design accessible social innovation programs that enable students to grow their confidence and tackle the complex challenges of our modern world.

We design culturally responsive, accessible, interdisciplinary and hands-on learning experiences that enable children and youth to explore who they are, reflect on the impact they want to make, and access the tools and resources needed to take action.

We believe that every child has immense potential, though not all are given the same chance to let it bloom.

Our programs enable transformative learning experiences for youth of all socio-economic backgrounds. Unlike other organizations who engage young people who are already technology - or entrepreneurship - inclined, we believe in mobilizing students who come from a variety of backgrounds and who may not even recognize their own potential.


🙌🏿 The #oneforall movement 🙌🏾

Our programs are free for public schools and for youth coming from low-income families and marginalized communities. This is made possible thanks to our generous sponsors, and to our #oneforall initiative for participating independent and private schools. Explore our programs here: 

We align our work with the UN's Global Goals for a sustainable future.

UpstartED was born out of the need to give young people equitable access to transformative learning experiences that will better prepare them for the future. Our focus is on social innovation because we recognize the increasingly important role that technology will play in our society, as well as the potential that technology has to uplift people out of poverty. That is why we prioritize serving public schools and community centers, focusing first and foremost on marginalized and financially disadvantaged communities.

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Our impact over the years

Since its inception in 2016, UpstartED has impacted over 5,000 students and teachers through student-facing programs and teacher-facing resources. We invite you to take a look at our key events and programs.

2016 - 2017

MTL Upstarts Bootcamp

2018 - 2019

upGen Workshops

upGen Bootcamp

upGen Accelerator

2017 - 2018

Youth2Tech Conference

2019 - 2020

upGen Workshops

upGen Bootcamp

upGen Accelerator

2020 - 2021

You(th) Explore 


of students* acquired skills and knowledge not being taught in schools

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*2019 - 2020 cohort

schools & community centers

students & teachers empowered

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E-nnovate Together Challenge


Do you have questions about UpstartED?

Whether you are a teacher, student, parent or community member, feel free to reach out with your questions!