The Innovative Educator

A series of workshops for educators who are ready to challenge the status quo.

The knowledge you need to innovate in your practice.

The Innovative Educator Series is a collection of workshops designed to introduce teachers to concepts that the world's most successful companies leverage to scaffold innovation and transformation. The workshops will teach participants how introduce innovation into their curriculum, and how to familiarize students with practices that prepare them for the future workforce. 

What can you expect?

Each workshop in the Innovative Educator Series is made up of three components:

1. Concept discovery

Gain a high level understanding of the concept and its applications.

2. Practical tools 

Understand how to apply the concept in a practical way and get familiar with relevant tools.

3. Application to education

Discover how the concept can be applied in the context of education, in the context of your classroom.


What will you learn?

The Innovative Educator Series gives teachers a taste of UpstartED's most sought-after professional development programs.  The concepts that participants will get to discover include:

Project Based Learning

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Lean Startup

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Crowd favourite

Design Thinking

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Crowd favourite

Computational Thinking

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Digital citizenship and online branding

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Crowd favourite

Agile Project Management

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Next Gen Technologies

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Why join us?

The Innovative Educator Series is designed with teachers in mind, by instructors who understand the unique challenges teachers face on a daily basis. This is why the workshops provide participants with:

1. Experiential learning

Gain hands-on experience with new concepts and their applications to your curriculum.

2. Valuable connections

Network and build meaningful relationships with other teachers who are innovating in their practice. 

3. Collaborative solutioning

Find solutions to challenges you experience in your practice by collaborating with other experienced teachers.


UpstartED is a Canadian nonprofit whose mission is to empower all Canadian middle and high school students to thrive in a complex world as positive change makers.

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