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Building a community of 

21st Century educators


Professional Development & Certification



We immerse educators & school leaders in meaningful learning opportunities on the most recent innovation methods, pedagogy tools, and technology trends. Learn more.

Discover UpstartED's Innovative Educators Professional Development

Discover UpstartED's Innovative Educators Professional Development

21st Century Teachers

UpstartED offers professional development on a number of strategic topics that allow you to up-skill your teachers, staff, and leaders. Our trainings are delivered in the form of workshops, bootcamps, and extended programs. We will work with you to customize the content and delivery in order to fit the needs of your team. 

Discover our offerings!

Project Based Learning

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  • How to get started with PBL

  • How to design & run an inquiry-based and student-led project

Training includes:

Lean Startup

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  • Introduction to Lean Startup & practical applications

  • Applying the Business Model Canvas

  • How to validate a business idea?

Training includes:

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Design Thinking

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  • Introduction to Design Thinking & practical applications: in your school & inside your classroom

  • How to create a design challenge

  • Leveraging empathy to identify meaningful ideas/solutions

  • How to carry out user research

  • Prototyping and validating your solution

  • Testing & Iterating

  • IB Design Cycle

Training includes:

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Computational Thinking

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  • Introduction to Computational Thinking

  • Applying Computational Thinking across the curriculum

Training includes:

Digital citizenship and online branding

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  • What does it means to be a digital citizen?

  • What is a ‘brand’, and how to build one online

  • From the paper CV to LinkedIn

Training includes:

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Agile Project Management

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  • Introduction to Agile: what is it and its merits in education

  • How to oversee an Agile project in your classroom 

Training includes:

Next Gen Technologies

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  • Introduction to machine learning & AI

  • How to integrate chatbots in your student projects

  • Introduction to cryptocurrency and its role in our economy

Training includes:

  • Robotics: drones & automation

  • Mixed Reality: augmented reality & virtual reality

  • Internet of Things and connected devices

Professional Development

Discover our Innovation Accelerator for Educators

The Innovation Accelerator is a two-day intensive training on how to infuse innovation into the curriculum using Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile principles.

Participants become UpstartED-certified Innovative Educators.

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