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Through our changemaker programs, we enable young equity-deserving people from historically marginalized communities to own their future and stay on positive paths along each stage of life’s journey.

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What if all young people saw themselves

A changemaker is someone who...

identifies a challenge in their own life, home, school, community or society and who takes action in a responsible and sustainable way. 

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Our changemaker programs develop and affirm young people's sense of identity, belonging and personal agency

Did you know?

The development of identity, belonging and agency in youth from historically marginalized communities (i.e. who identify as Indigenous, Black, Persons of Colour, Women, and/or having Learning Differences) has been linked to increased emotional adjustment, higher rates of academic perseverance and success, increased confidence in exploring career options and higher rates of civic engagement. This is why we have developed our changemaker framework around these three constructs. 

UpstartED youth are on their way.

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have a strong awareness of their limiting self-beliefs, character traits, and values



 are able to identify and relate to problems in their local communities aligned with the UN Global Goals



have the project planning and teamwork skills needed to lead a social impact project


By engaging with UpstartED, educators access an integrated set of resources

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K-12 resources that develop Identity, Belonging & Agency

  • Sequenced program options with modifications and adaptations for different learning needs and developmental levels

  • A combination of tactile and digital tools and resources to cater to accessibility needs

  • Units aligned with Canadian provincial curricular standards

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Assessment tools and data insights on key outcomes

  • Multimodal formative and summative assessment options to track student progress

  • An impact report with quantitative and qualitative insights into student outcomes and classroom culture 

  • Active engagement in the program evaluation process with the UpstartED team

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Educator training and implementation support

  • On-demand support from a Program Success Advisor to assist with lesson planning, modifications and adaptations

  • Teacher toolkit with prompts for self-reflection to promote personal growth

  • A community of practice bringing together like-minded educators

The voices of youth, their families, educators and communities shape the programs we design

We offer a process, not just a program

Rather than designing a 'one-size-fits-all' educational solution, we build culturally-relevant programs that are designed with youth, their educators, families and local communities. In doing so, we enable students to see themselves and their cultures represented as part of their learning.

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Teacher at the Individual Learning Center in Whitehorse, Yukon, and former Liard First Nation Chief

Liard McMillan

"UpstartED's approach to learning 

program design is a big thing for us."

By promoting student-led learning, we help foster critical and creative thinking. UpstartED's approach respects First Nations ways of knowing and doing. It also honours individual students. Our First Nations students don't have to fall through the cracks. 

We are active in schools and learning centers across Canada

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Hear from...

Andrew Laviolette

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Career Teacher (Grades 7, 8) from

Robert Service School in

Dawson, Yukon

The content that I went through with my students was not only aligned with what is required of me to teach, but it also allowed them to spend time with important life conceptsIt was great to help students move towards their best selves and I learned alongside them since this was also new to me!

The You(th) Explore program enriched me as a person

and teacher.

Want a glimpse of the

You(th) Explore program?

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