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Our programs are designed to scale access to transformative educational experiences.

We believe that every young person should be given access to transformative educational experiences that help them explore the impact that they want to have in the world. Accessibility is at the heart of our learning design process. This is why we build programs that can meet young people where they are: in classrooms, community centers, in their homes and even at work. 


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We help youth discover their potential and channel it towards making an impact.


Our learning programs are designed to help youth recognize that they have infinite potential and that they are capable of making an impact in their communities. Once we develop students' confidence and sense of agency, we empower them with the skills and knowledge to engage with complex social and environmental challenges. This is done through hands-on, real-world projects where failure is a welcome part of the process.

Safe and brave spaces

Coaching and mentorship

Join an environment that is inclusive, free from judgement, generous and diverse.

Receive personal and professional support to grow into an empowered social innovator.

Tech for good

Learn how to leverage disruptive technologies for social good.

Growth opportunities

Prepare for life after school by building a portfolio and a professional network.

Challenges that matter

Work on real world challenges that align with the United Nations SDGs. 

An extended family

Gain a new support network made up of people of all ages who share your vision.


"The skills and knowledge

I acquired will stay with  me for the rest of my life."

Pratham Mehta, 16 years old, UpstartED alumni

Since becoming part of the UpstartED community, Pratham has developed a web solution tackling data security on the internet. He has also launched an app that helps employees whose jobs were terminated because of COVID-19 to find new work opportunities. This is just the start of his social impact journey.


We aim for sustainable impact by empowering educators.

We believe that all young people have the potential of building a better future. It is why we are committed to working with schools and educators who can understand the importance of equipping youth with the tools needed to make a positive impact in the world. Thanks to the support of our funding partners, we are able to work with under-funded schools in urban areas and to ensure that students access our programs regardless of their socio-economic background. 

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Our supporters recognize the need to spread educational accountability.


We to collaborate with organizations that share our values and believe that all young people have the potential to build a better future starting today. These companies engage with students by providing them with real-world challenges as well as offering coaching and mentorship opportunities.

Cindy Fagen, Managing Director - Labs Canada at SAP

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schools & community centers




students & teachers empowered

of our students* acquired skills and knowledge not being taught in schools.

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*2019 - 2020 cohort

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Working in the social impact space, our team at UpstartED is privileged to engage in thought-provoking conversations on a daily basis. The Candid Coffee Podcast is a space for honest reflections and conversations around how we can empower young people to become innovators who engage with the complex challenges of our world in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way.