We empower

youth to upstart the(ir) future. 

UpstartED is a nonprofit that equips students between the ages of 12 to 18 with the mindsets and skills required to become responsible innovators who build a better world, for all.

Young people will inherit tomorrow's world. They can make an impact starting today.

Born during the COVID-19 crisis, the Ennovate Together Challenge is a two week long learning experience that enables youth to respond to crisis situations in their communities. The solutions built during Ennovate benefit from coaching and additional resources provided by UpstartED and its partners once the challenge comes to an end.

Our flagship program helps thousands tap into their potential as positive change makers.  

Designed to complement the traditional school curriculum, the upGen Program immerses students in real world challenges framed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The program helps youth develop agency by empowering them to become creative problem solvers.


We bring schools and teachers along on the journey.

We work with forward-thinking institutions to launch programs ranging from in-classroom workshops to semester-long incubators during which students engage with innovation practices used by the world's leading organizations. Explore our professional development, strategy and learning experience design services.

"The skills and knowledge

I acquired will stay with  me for the rest of my life."

Pratham Mehta, 16 years old, UpstartED alumni

Since becoming part of the UpstartED community, Pratham has developed a web based solution tackling data security on the internet. He has also launched a website that helps employees whose jobs were terminated because of COVID-19 to find new work opportunities. This is just the start of his social impact journey.

The organizations we work with recognize that age is not a factor.

We are very lucky to collaborate with organizations that share our values and believe that all young people have the potential to build a better future starting today. These companies engage with students by providing them with real-world challenges as well as offering coaching and mentorship opportunities.

Cindy Fagen, Managing Director - Labs Canada at SAP


UpstartED is a Canadian nonprofit whose mission is to empower all Canadian middle and high school students to thrive in a complex world as positive change makers.

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