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Empowering thousands to unleash their genius and build a better future, for all 

The time has come  for young people to build the future

The upGen Program is a free 10 month long learning experience that runs in parallel to the school year. upGen empowers youth to become social innovators who leverage next generation technology in order to serve their local communities.


Participating students will identify challenges in their community that align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and they will receive the entrepreneurial and technological skills needed to build and launch their society-centric solutions.


Build problem-solving skills

...acquired through hands-on workshops and by solving real world challenges

Forge new  friendships

...with students across Canada who are equally motivated

Launch ambitious solutions

...with the help of industry experts and business coaches

Ten months of social innovation and future preparedness education

The upGen Program is comprised of three phases. Each phase helps students build the skills, tools and mindsets needed to come up with innovative social products and services that align with the UN SDGs.

Phase 1: Explore

Equips youth with the fundamentals of design and tech-enabled social innovation in the context of the UN SDGs.

Phase 2: Apply

Empowers youth to apply 21st Century skills towards solving real world challenges by using technology for good. 

Phase 3: Build

Enables youth to launch social businesses under the guidance of expert coaches and mentors, through a curated program.

How upgen works