THE FUTURE                                     ACADEMY

in collaboration with Lower Canada College

June 30 - July 5

65% of today's children will end up working in jobs that do not yet exist


*Statistic by the US Dept. of Labor

While some people find this statistic daunting, it is an unprecedented opportunity for today’s youth to create a rewarding future for themselves and for society as a whole. That is where The Future Academy comes in. This accelerated innovation program will empower ambitious youth to leverage emerging technologies to design innovative solutions to the wicked problems that Generation Z will have to solve some day. 

The Future Academy is a team-based and experiential day-camp, simulating real-world examples for accelerated learning. Students will participate in a series of workshops inside and outside the classroom that will help them develop the ability of thinking in a creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, and tech-forward way. 

The Future Academy is a day-camp open to students between the ages of 10-16. The camp will take place between June 30th and July 5th at Lower Canada College (4090 Avenue Royal, H4A 2M5) in Montreal, Canada.


Join us in our time machine as we travel to the year 2040. Artificial intelligence and automation have redefined the way people live, work, and play. Our planet looks much different than it did in 2018. You may be asking, how have things changed? That is up to YOU to decide!


The Future Academy challenges students to answer the following questions:

What will our world look like in 2040?

  • Imagine how today's technological developments end up impacting our society 22 years down the line

  • Identify opportunities and risks that present themselves in this version of the future

  • Understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of technological trends such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and more!

What innovations can we build today in order to set humanity on the right path?

  • Identify one problem/risk in society today that can be tackled in order to create a better future

  • Come up with an innovation that tackles this problem in today's society, all while keeping the impact on the future in mind


Understand key emerging technologies and their potential for humanity 


Identify one problem or risk in society today that can be tackled for a better future


Create a user-centric solution to a problem by using Design Thinking

Design and build a product or service using digital fabrication tools


Create the business model to bring the solution to market 


Pitch the business solution to a panel of judges



The Future Academy is going to be hosted at Lower Canada College (4090 Avenue Royal, H4A 2M5) in Montreal, Canada. Students will also be spending the first two days of the camp at the corporate office of one of Montreal's leaders in technology (to be announced). Students go home at the end of the day.



The camp is designed for youth between the ages of 10 to 16. Participants will be working in teams throughout the camp, getting to interact with peers of different ages and backgrounds. 



The Future Academy will take place between Saturday, June 30th to Thursday, July 5th. Participants will spend 6 hours each day working in teams on their projects. They will get to present their work to a panel of judges on July 5th. Parents are encouraged to attend.



All students participating in The Future Academy will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the camp. Awards will also be given to the team of participants who pitches the best solution on July 5th (at the discretion of the panel of judges).



Future Academy participants will work in teams from day one. Each team will be overseen by an UpstartED coach. UpstartED coaches are carefully screened and selected for their professionalism and their experience with children. Coaches are of a diverse background, ranging from masters students to working professionals and entrepreneurs. They will ensure that each and every participant has a fun and enriching experience, and that everyone is invested in their work.


Our UpstartED instructors, coaches and support staff are guided by the following principles:


We understand the integral part that play has in learning. We are committed to delivering, first and foremost, a fun experience to all. 






We firmly believe there is no such thing as a bad idea, or a silly question. Future Academy participants will be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers. 



We encourage participants to develop their creative confidence and to feel comfortable expressing themselves.

We know that, more than needing access to knowledge, today's youth need access to resources and guidance. We are here to support them in their journey.




The Future Academy has been designed by UpstartED's team of Learning Experience Designers, certified educators and tech industry experts. Since its launch in 2017, UpstartED has introduced 1K+ students to design thinking, technology and entrepreneurship.



The Future Academy's innovation program is inspired by industry leaders in design thinking and innovation, including Stanford University’s, IDEO and IBM. Students will learn how to research a problem, develop a user-centric solution, and validate their assumptions - just as innovative businesses are doing right now!

In learning how to turn their solutions into viable business ideas, students will be guided by the expertise of UpstartED's network of entrepreneurs and professionals who are leading ground-breaking projects at established companies and fast-growing startups, i.e. IBM, Gildan, Bombardier, OOHLALA Mobile (Y-combinator graduate) and Dialogue Technologies.


The Future Academy leverages the technical leadership of the Fab Lab network under the direction Lower Canada College's Fab Lab Director. Lower Canada College offers state of the art facilities and a safe environment in which students can explore their creative potential and tinker with fabrication tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters.



The Future Academy tuition is $375 (Canadian Dollars). This includes all materials and supplies for the projects participants will be working on.


Snacks will be offered throughout the day, but lunch is NOT included. Participants are responsible for bringing their own lunches and reusable water bottles.


Student registration is now open. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and guaranteed once families enroll online. A maximum of 35 students will be accepted into this year's Future Academy. Registrations close June 22nd.


For any questions, we invite you to email UpstartED's Executive Director at You can also contact us at 514-699-6227.


UpstartED is a Canadian nonprofit whose mission is to empower all Canadian middle and high school students to thrive in a complex world as positive change makers.

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