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An opportunity for youth to respond to urgent challenges in their communities.

Born during the COVID-19 crisis, the E-nnovate Together Challenge is a 9-day virtual program during which students work in teams to launch solutions to the most urgent problems faced by society.

The new reality requires an ambitious response.

Because of COVID-19, schools have closed their doors and students have been separated from their friends. We asked ourselves how we could best enable young people to engage in meaningful virtual social interactions while empowering them to take action in the face of the challenges they see in their communities. That is how the E-nnovate Together Challenge was born.


The Ennovate Challenge in a nutshell.

Community of driven peers

Seeing as participation in -Ennovate is application-based, you will build meaningful connections with equally motivated young people across the world. 

Time sensitive challenges 

All the challenges presented during E=nnovate are happening in real-time. They need real solutions - that is what you will be building.

Support from expert coaches

We bring together a group of experts who have real world experience to coach you. Their insights and feedback help you refine your solution.

Empowering learning journey

The Ennovate Challenge is not about winning. It is about learning how to solve complex problems under time pressure and how to bring value to society. 

Nine days of learning, connecting and building.

E-nnovate is just as much of a personal challenge as it is a team challenge. Get ready to acquire skills and knowledge that go beyond what you learn in school.

Apply Design Thinking to understand the problem to be solved and come up with an idea

Refine your idea through interviews with real end users

Visualize your idea through wireframing and prototyping

Build your Theory of Change and assess the impact of your solution

Go beyond the classic pitch and present your solution through the lens of storytelling


These challenges are urgent. We need all hands on deck.

Here are some challenges that youth have tackled through Ennovate Together.


How might we curate students' learning experience during the COVID-19 crisis given all the online resources made available to parents? 


How might companies match employees whose roles have been disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis with new internal opportunities?


How might we connect families with local businesses so they can access essential and non-essential goods while minimizing the risk of contracting COVID-19?


Do you want to make an impact? Join the waitlist.

New programs coming during the spring of 2022.

Read all about the first edition of E-nnovate

Take a look at our impact report to learn more about the program and the outcomes of the first edition of the E-nnovate Together Challenge.

Ennovate Impact Report v2.png
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