Design transformative learning journeys, the UpstartED way

All of our programs are designed to take students through transformative learning experiences whereby they face and eventually overcome the complex challenges that transform them into changemakers. In other words, we guide them on their very own hero's journey. Our Transformative Learning Journey Canvas enables educators to map out the student's learning experience as well as all the other components needed to successfully implement a program, including physical space, human resources, materials, and learning tools. 

Resources for schools that are ready to implement the upGen Program

You do not have to wait for UpstartED to come to your school to benefit from the upGen Program. We have designed a two-day training that helps educators understand the components necessary to make such a program a success, and how to implement upGen as part of the curriculum. The resources below give teachers the building blocks needed to ensure the program is implemented successfully.

The upGen Program Design Card Deck

The upGen Critical Path


We are a Canadian nonprofit whose programs equip students between the ages of 12 to 18 with the mindsets and skills required to become responsible innovators who build a better world, for all.


We acknowledge and respect the land and territory in which UpstartED stands. We have the privilege to stand on the land of the Mohawks of Kahnawa:ke that belong to the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee confederacy, historically recognized as the Keepers of the Eastern Door, guardians against invasions from the east from British and French forces. As an organization that empowers youth to be positive agents of change, we recognize the importance of reconciliation efforts in Canada and across the world.

Land acknowledgement


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