Imagine if all young people saw themselves as change agents

We are a Canadian non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and work with the youngest members of our society to uplift positive changes in the world.


At UpstartED, we empower youth at the middle and high school levels to find technology-driven solutions that combat real world challenges. We do so while teaching them how to navigate the chaos of the world awaiting them beyond the four classroom walls. Our learning experiences are adapted yearly to reflect the latest insights and best practices in pedagogy, technology and entrepreneurship.

3500+ students

...and teachers impacted since November 2016

25+ tech companies

...engaged in our programs as sponsors, partners, collaborators

100+ experiences

...with a focus on technology-driven social innovation delivered 

250+ volunteers

... from the corporate, startup, education, nonprofit space who support our work

40+ schools

...that have benefited from our free programs

30+ social projects

...launched by youth between 12 - 18 years old to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This is our manifesto.

We believe in building a better world for all through inclusive collaboration and radical candour. It requires boldness and action, paired with with empathy and compassion.


We believe that young people should have a seat at the table, and that organizations (public, private, governmental) need to innovate with young people and not just for them. They are the future.

We believe that learning is a lifelong journey as well as a mentality, one that is necessary for humans to thrive in an ever changing and complex reality. We have infinite potential, no matter our age.

We believe in working with like-minded people. Do you want to join our movement?


UpstartED is a Canadian nonprofit whose mission is to empower all Canadian middle and high school students to thrive in a complex world as positive change makers.

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We align our work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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