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Our story goes back to 2016, here is a small time capsule

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UpstartED presents Youth2Tech, the city’s first tech innovation conference for high school students

After organizing an entrepreneurship bootcamp for students at Notman House last November, UpstartED Inc. is back this year with an even more ambitious project.

A word from Montreal's mayor, Denis Coderre, for all Youth2Tech conference participants

"To all of you taking part in this great networking weekend, I wish you a constructive experience. Montréal needs your talent and I invite you to take full advantage of this immersion in the world of new technologies to develop your skills and to explore the numerous career opportunities being offered to you."

UpstartED brings students from across 17 schools together for an entrepreneurship bootcamp

Between November 18 to 20, 2016, students from 17 high schools and CEGEPs came together to compete in Montreal’s first-ever entrepreneurship bootcamp for youth.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset in teens

The theme of the first edition of UpstartED's entrepreneurship bootcamp is The Smart School. Students will be challenged to identify real-world problems they encounter daily at school, and then asked to envision possible tech-driven solutions.

The time has come to recognize Gen Z's potential

“The truth is that 14 to 18-year-olds are catching up to all of us and they have great ideas,” Baranga told MTLinTECH. “We need to give them the tools they need and get them into our community. We have a great thing going here in Montreal but I feel like we’re lacking the voice of our youngest generation.”

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